Vice President urges all business organisations to fulfil their corporate social responsibility


Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has urged all business organizations in the Maldives to give a special importance to fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

Speaking at the 15th anniversary function of Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), Vice President said, as the largest water provider in the country, the company was undertaking a noble responsibility.

The Vice President called on the company to give a special importance to fulfil its corporate social responsibility, and the greater benefit of the people, while working to maximise its profit. He also said special consideration should be given to make necessities such as clean drinking water more affordable and accessible for the less fortunate in the country.

At the function, the Vice President highlighted the importance of clean drinking water for the health and well-being of the people, and international political issues that arise as a result of lack of clean drinking water.

He further said since the access to clean drinking water and adequate sewerage facilities was a Constitutional right of the Maldivians, it was a duty of the state to ensure the availability of these services for all.

Dr Waheed noted that during the past 15 years, MWSC had been able to provide clean drinking water to half of the entire population.

Speaking on the establishment of provincial utilities companies to provide utilities such as water and sewerage systems, Vice President Dr Waheed said the government established these companies to fast track the provision on water to the rest of the population. He appealed to these companies not to detract from this goal.

During the last evening’s function held at Fen Building, Vice President Dr Waheed also distributed the annual employee awards of the company.

Donor Conference Run by Dr. Waheed raises $313 Million Dollars


International community have pledged US$313 million of financial assistance over the next three years to the Maldives in a strong vote of confidence for the government and its ability to implement its policies and deliver its pledges.

At the end of this administration’s first donor conference, representatives from donor countries and multilateral organisations tied up the amount towards budgetary support and government’s priority areas.

These priority areas are closely linked to the conference’s key themes of macro economic reform, public sector reform, good governance, social development and climate change.

Speaking to the press following the conference President Mohamed Nasheed said this was a tremendous achievement for the Maldives and a strong vote of confidence for the government.

He said this assistance would help the government implement its policies and deliver its election pledges.

During the proceedings of the two day conference held at the Bandos Island Resort and Spa, representatives of donor countries and international organisations praised the Maldives’ smooth transition to democracy, government’s sound economic reform measures and proposed development policies. In particular donor countries commended the government’s openness, transparency and the candid nature with which they discussed the challenges faced by the Maldives.

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed, in making his concluding remarks of the conference, expressed his gratitude for the participants of the conference for the confidence they have shown in the country.

He said “We were elected by the people on the basis of a series of key pledges and to bring social change and democratic reform to a country reeling from the impact of economic mismanagement, authoritarianism and the global recession.”

Dr Waheed said the pledges that were made over the two days of conference demonstrated the donor community’s commitment to the Maldives and the government’s strong democratic mandate.

He further added “there is an abundance of goodwill and more assistance will be forthcoming with more follow up from our side.”

Vice President briefs the media on Maldives donor conference 2010


At a press conference held this afternoon at the President’s Office, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today briefed the media on Maldives donor conference 2010 to be held in Bandos Island Resort from 28 – 29 March.

He said that the government has identified five priority areas necessary for a stable framework to achieve the new government’s key objectives in the Strategic Action Plan 2009-2013.

These five priority areas, he explained, are:

–    budget support and macroeconomic reform
–    public sector reform
–    good governance initiatives
–    social development
–    climate change adaptation

Vice President emphasised the need to make the conference a success, Dr Waheed said the government was hopeful that pledges will be made by donors during the conference.

He said the Maldives was famous for peace, security and stability in the country and added that we should not allow this image to be tarnished.

Referring to the incidents that had occurred in Male’ during the past few days, Vice President expressed great concern and said that the government would do everything possible to resolve the issue.

At the press conference Dr Waheed also highlighted on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

He said the main purpose of his visit was to assure the Saudi government of Maldives’ commitment to continue the close fraternal ties that exist between the two countries, and to rally support for the donor conference.

Vice President returns Malé after concluding his official visit to Saudi Arabia


Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has this afternoon returned Malé after concluding his official visit to Saudi Arabia.

The purpose of his visit to Saudi Arabia was to rally Saudi support for the Maldives Donor Conference 2010 to be held from 28 to 29 March.

During his visit, Dr Waheed met with Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz and other senior officials of the government of Saudi Arabia.

Dr Waheed also met with leaders of Saudi financial and business sector and held discussions on seeking their assistance for the development of the Maldives. He informed them on the Maldives Donor Conference.

Vice President meets with the Deputy Chairman of Saudi Fund for Development

Vice President Dr. Waheed with Saudi Fund for Development Deputy Chairperson Dr. Yussuf Al BassanAs part of his ongoing official visit to Saudi Arabia, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed yesterday met with Deputy Chairman of Saudi Fund for Development Dr Yusuf Al Bassam.

During the meeting, discussions were focused on the ongoing projects in the Maldives with the assistance of Saudi Fund.

At the meeting, Vice President Dr Waheed briefed Dr Bassam on the donor conference to be held in the Maldives on 28th and 29th March.

Dr Bassam assured the Vice President of the Fund’s participation in the conference. He also said the Fund would assist the government in its tsunami housing projects.

Vice President Dr Waheed yesterday visited Makah and performed Umra.