Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said Bangladeshi’s working in the Maldives could play an important role in strengthening the cultural links between the Maldives and Bangladesh.

Speaking at a forum on ‘Historical Links between Bangladesh and the Maldives’ organised by the Bangladesh High Commission in the Maldives, Vice President Dr Waheed said the Maldives have many Bangladeshi workers and until now we have been focusing on their input to the economy. But, he said, both the countries should use them to appreciate the cultural and human dimensions of Bangladesh’s rich culture.

In his remarks, the Vice President noted the historic economic and trade relations between the Maldives and Bangladesh. He said it was important for both countries to re-establish the trade links as well as widen the relationship into new areas.

In this regard, he said that the Maldives could benefit from Bangladeshi expertise in developing and strengthening civil society. He noted that Bangladesh had one of the most developed civil society movements.

Today’s forum marked the beginning of the cultural exchange programmes organised by Bangladesh High Commission in the Maldives.